Dental Crowns Chesapeake

Renewing Smiles with Custom Crowns

Is a broken, cracked, or severely worn causing embarrassment or discomfort? Perhaps you have existing crowns that are esthetically unpleasing. Dr. Cranham restores structurally unsound teeth and replaces existing restorations with custom crowns that look and feel like natural teeth.

Following a comprehensive examination of your smile, Dr. Cranham may suggest an all porcelain, Zirconia, or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown to restore your smile, enhance your appearance, and/or correct your bite. He’ll consider tooth location and stressors to determine which material to use.

Having Bayview Dental Laboratory in the same building with us will allow you to meet the dental technician who will be fabricating your restorations. This customized, team approach to restorative dentistry will provide you with a dental experience second to none!

Do I need a crown?

Crowns are ideal to…

  • anchor bridgework to replace missing teeth and restore smiles.
  • restore support to damaged or worn teeth.
  • correct chewing problems.
  • relieve pain from compromised teeth and return dental function.
  • prevent breakage in teeth that have undergone root canals.
  • beautify smiles.

The Crown Process

Expect two office visits to design and place a crown:
Design and creation: Dr. Cranham will prepare your tooth, take a dental impression, and fit you with a temporary. A skilled ceramist at a trusted lab will handcraft your restoration to exacting standards.
Placement: At your second visit, Dr. Cranham will remove the temporary, apply your crown, then adjust the fit and bond it in place to renew your smile.

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