Meet Dr. John C. Cranham, Family Dentist in Chesapeake

From the moment you walk into the dental office of Dr. John C. Cranham, you are greeted with a state of the art facility with the most modern technology available to dentists in Chesapeake. You will be met with the very friendly and professional team that Dr. Cranham hand selected to run his family dentistry office.

Dr. John C. Cranham graduated with honors from the Medical College of Virginia in 1988. He has continued to be a leader and well respected international speaker on many areas of dental education through his programs known as Cranham Dental Seminars. He teaches other dentists around the world through different lectures, mobile programs and intensive hands-on training. In 2008, Cranham Dental Seminars joined with The Dawson Academy, a world-renowned continuing education facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, where Dr. Cranham is the acting Clinical Director of the Dawson Academy. He teaches other dental professionals family dentist and general dentist courses.

Dr. Cranham divides his time between his own dentist office and his teaching practice, which he feels gives him a good balance of devoting his time as a dentist in Chesapeake while keeping up with the latest technology and practices through his teaching programs.

Dr. Cranham is a well-respected author who continues to develop educational programs for the modern day dentist office that keeps him and his students on the leading edge of an ever-evolving field of dental progression.

If you want a dentist in Chesapeake who provides some of the best general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry, Dr. Cranham is the perfect choice for you. With his experience and skills, Dr. Cranham takes on some of the most complex cases in restorative dentistry. You no longer have to have to suffer from low self-esteem because of an embarrassing smile. As a local dentist, you will want to refer all your friends and family to Dr. Cranham when you see your results.

If you are new to Chesapeake and want to find a dentist for all your family needs, we are here to provide you with a complete treatment plan suited just for you.

What You Need to Know About Advanced Restoration Dentistry

Advanced restoration dentistry is the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the teeth that can include anything from an unattractive smile to broken teeth. It is also used to correct problems such as pain in the teeth or jaw. Advanced restoration dentistry is a long-term solution to dental problems that may have been previously treated unsuccessfully.

The term advanced restoration dentistry is a general one, so before any dental procedures are undertaken, it will be necessary for the patient to have a consultation and complete exam. This will determine how severe the patient’s problems are and a treatment plan will be made to address the issues involved with their dysfunctional teeth.

Advanced restoration dentistry is an integrated approach which combines the talents of many types of dental specialists. For example, both an orthodontist and oral surgeon may be required to complete treatment on one patient. Some of the typical procedures that take place with advanced restoration dentistry are braces, fillings, root canals, veneers, bridges, whitening, plastic surgery, rebuilding bone and gums and grafting.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is another type of issue common to advanced restoration dentistry. This is a condition that causes pain in the jaw, as well as the face, ears and neck. It can cause extreme difficulty with chewing food and therefore lead to a nutritional breakdown. Unfortunately, there is not a good awareness among the general public that TMJ is a condition dentists can easily fix so it is often left untreated.

Dental technology has come a long way in just the past few years, making it possible to complete in one visit what used to take several. More and more, pictures of the mouth that are needed for treatment are being obtained through digital images, replacing the X-ray machines which concerned some patients. The scraping and prodding of the teeth which is done to locate tooth decay is giving way to digital detection as well.

Fear of going to the dentist is a common one, but if you are in need of advanced restoration dentistry, you may be pleasantly surprised that there is little to fear and much to gain.

Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Advanced Restorative Dentistry is treatment to restore teeth to an attractive healthy position. Many people have cosmetic procedures that are not successful and lead to worn or broken teeth, sore joints and muscles and an unattractive smile. It can be painful at worst and inconvenient at best to continue with teeth not in the correct position and broken. Advanced Restorative Dentistry can give a long term solution for the problem.

First, a thorough diagnosis is required. There are mild cases and very serious cases of dysfunctional teeth. There are treatments for the jaw joints and muscles as well as for the teeth. It is an interdisciplinary, integrated approach and may require the attention of an orthodontist for straightening healthy teeth, or an oral surgeon for replacing teeth with dental implants or crowning. In some cases a full mouth reconstruction is required for a full set of healthy teeth and a happy face.

There is a wide range of treatments available for each situation, and each plays its role for giving the patient healthy teeth and gums. Braces, fillings, root canals, veneers, bridges, whitening, plastic surgery for the gums, rebuilding bone and gums and grafting are a few of the treatments that could be combined in one mouth. Each tooth has its own story and needs its own kind of care. This is why advanced restoration dentistry uses an integrated approach.

The patient will be educated about their dental status and what it means for the future. Creating beauty is not the only consideration. It is important and is the result of any treatment necessary, but complex functional and biological problems also need attention in order for the treatment to return the patient to oral health that will last for years.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is another problem many people live with because they are not aware that a dentist can help. Headaches and aching jaws are symptoms of problems in the mouth such as deteriorating teeth and jaw joints. Advanced restoration dentistry takes care of all problems contributing to teeth that don’t function properly or look good. The latest technology enables the dentist to diagnose every issue.

JOHN C. CRANHAM, D.D.S | Old fashioned values combine perfectly with space age tecnhology for a lifetime of smiles

by Joanna Enderlin

The, Your Hometown Advertising Magazine

Any dentist (or doctor or auto mechanic) worth his or her salt will say that waiting to address a problem is never a good idea. When it comes to complicated dental issues, the nagging feeling that there has to be a better way further reinforces the “someday” attitude. At the offices of John C. Cranham, D.D.S., “someday” is now.

Dr. Cranham is a man who knows a thing or two about the rewards of “someday.”

However, 20 years ago, as a newly minted dentist and recent honors graduate from the prestigious Medical College of Virginia, he and his new wife, Kim, struggled financially. But when he learned a three-day seminar was to be presented in St. Petersburg, Florida by his idol, Dr. Peter Dawson, he made the 13-hour drive to St. Petersburg, Florida to attend.

John C. Cranham, D.D.S.
John Cranham, D.D.S.

“I couldn’t afford the $300 a night room at the hotel where the seminar took place, but I knew this was important to me. I slept in the car—it was January then and cool even in Florida—and I showered in the bathroom off the hotel’s pool. I just knew I had to be there,” Dr. Cranham laughs, remembering those days  now. “Dr. Dawson literally wrote the book on dentistry—his third textbook is in print now. The man is a living legend and something told me then that stepping out on faith and going to that seminar, even broke, was a part of the plan for my life.”

Dr. Cranham uses lasers instead of drills. Pain is decreased. Bleeding is minimal. No stitches. No brute-force grinding and noise. No kidding.

When Dr. Dawson heard about Dr. Cranham sleeping in his car to attend the seminar, he made it a point to meet the young man. That fast friendship fostered the relationship between the two doctors that eventually led to Dr. Cranham becoming the clinical director of The Dawson Academy.

“We are carrying the torch of international training today in our own facility here in Chesapeake,” Dr. Cranham says. The facility is the realization of Dr. Cranham’s trusting what his heart said to do.

When Dr. Cranham and his wife married 20 years ago, they had already decided to have children “someday.” But a little something happened along the way to “someday.”

His name was Cornell.

Dr. and Mrs. John Cranham had a plan. He was building his practice and training, constantly training. She was dedicated to building her career as an occupational therapist with CHKD. Kim was working in the transitional care unit one day when a tiny baby stole her heart.

“When Kim first told me about Cornell, he weighed less than two pounds and his chances looked grim. He couldn’t even breathe on his own. She asked if I would be willing to become a foster parent to him so that when he was ready to come home, he would have a home. He endured four surgeries, and they had to completely reconstruct his trachea before he could even breathe without a tube.

“He communicated to us through sign language before the surgery but, by then, he had already taught me not to complain. We adopted him when he was three. I am honored every day to be his Dad,” Dr. Cranham says.

Cosmetic Dentist Norfolk
From left: Dr. John Cranham, Kelly Brown, Shannon Pace, Sarah McCutcheon and Mariah Scofield.

“Cornell, like all of us, still has challenges but it is amazing to watch how he deals with those challenges. He doesn’t struggle. He builds on his strengths and simply doesn’t give his weaknesses the time of day. I’ve never seen him waste an ounce of energy on self-pity,” he adds. “I am so proud of the young man he has become.”

Cornell, now 17, attends Western Branch High School. Dr. Cranham, a life-long golf enthusiast, is also proud to say that Cornell is on the golf team there.

Dr. and Mrs. Cranham also have two daughters, 15 year-old Kaitlyn and 12 year-old Kristin.

“When I was traveling and giving seminars, I knew that life was not for me. I always knew, someday, that I wanted to be able to teach and practice what I love without sacrificing time with my family,” Dr. Cranham confides.

Dr. Cranham’s new facility is literally the stuff of the space age. The office is connected to not only his training facility but also to Bay View Dental Lab.

“Because I have focused about one-third of my time over the years on training and teaching, I have been able to keep abreast of every new technology. Because developers of new technology know we are connected to a training facility, we are courted and have access to innovations as they become available,” Dr. Cranham says. “Having what I believe is the best lab anywhere connected to us as well means we have not only real-time communication and access but an actual partnership to serve our patients with real quality control. The ability I have to document cases and then use those cases in training right away keeps me very sharp. I believe our patients are the best served anywhere.”

Dr. Cranham uses lasers instead of drills. Pain is decreased. Bleeding is minimal. No stitches. No brute-force grinding and noise. No kidding.

“What we’ve all been shooting for, knew would someday be possible, is now realized,” Dr. Cranham says. “Before, it was like trying to build a house without a blueprint, without a plan. Now, we can evaluate—definitively—and then diagnose and work toward an ultimate goal that insures not only long-lasting functionality but also exceeding beauty. My patients get to have it all.” He even offers a complimentary “meet and greet” as the first step to a dream smile.

“The full digital workup of evaluation and treatment plan costs only $300 initially and that cost is then applied to the procedures. Insurances cover some costs as well,” Dr. Cranham says. “If patients have financial constraints they must consider, we can sequence procedures over time with the end result being the perfect plan designed just for them. Fear of the cost should not be a factor in making a commitment to the smile you deserve.”

“The difference most of our patients notice right away is the feeling of connectedness,” Dr. Cranham says. “We take our time. We are first and foremost here to help our patients know what is possible for them and then to walk them through the process as smoothly and painlessly as possible. It is amazing what we can do today and how well we can do it. For patients who have been waiting, the time has finally come.”

John C. Cranham, DDS, PC

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